Rules & Regulations

Martial art is the cultivation of mental discipline and physical practice through the development of a healthy mind and body. Without this discipline, learning martial arts has little or no value. Your basic mental attitude is of the utmost importance.

The following rules are therefore required of all students:

  1. Upon entering and leaving the Dojang, salute the flags and bow to the instructor. Salute the flags with the right hand to the heart.
  2. Whenever you arrive during a class, stand at the entrance until the instructor acknowledges you. At that time, request permission to enter the class. Do not leave class without the instructor’s permission.
  3. The following are not allowed in the Dojang: shoes, socks, smoking, intoxication, gum, loud laughter, profanity or arguing.
  4. Always wear a clean uniform to class. Fingernails and toenails are to be kept short and neatly trimmed.
  5. Whenever you approach your instructor, bow first and speak respectfully. Always respond to an instructor or black belt by saying, "yes, sir or yes, ma’am"
  6. Whenever you need assistance, simply inform your instructor that you do not know a particular movement and the instructor will assist you. Never ask the instructor to demonstrate, simply ask your question and trust that he or she will take care of you.
  7. Students must always show respect for each other.
  8. Self-control in class is paramount; therefore loss of temper should be avoided at all costs.
  9. Students are expected to help maintain cleanliness in the Dojang.