Little Dragons Classes

Little Dragons (age 4 to 6) are offered at Kim’s Martial Arts School. These courses are designed for preschool and kindergarten aged children. These courses will keep your child focused and interested in learning Taekwondo with non stop action.

At Kim’s Martial Arts your child will learn:

  • Focus and Self control
  • A structured learning environment
  • A fun and safe form of exercise
  • Instructors that are excellent role models

"Master Kim provides the younger children with a great atmosphere of education of the Taekwondo way of life. The program is awesome!!! Every child feels confidence right away" - parent at Kim’s Martial Arts School

We allow a flexible class schedule for all of our classes. You can attend your classes on any given day and as much as you can. You are never restricted and always encouraged.

We understand the unique challenges that pre school and kindergarten age children present to parents and teachers. Our instructors are friendly and encouraging. They will teach your child the focus needed to learn Taekwondo, which will carry over to home and school. You can be assured that our instructors have patience in teaching your child to do their best.